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We at Favero Gardens have grown quality produce for over 60 years.  Our quality family business has grown over that time setting standards and meeting specific customer requirements whilst maintaining quality business relationships that have lasted through the decades.  As a dedicated family business we understand the needs of our customers and will continue to be loyal to them in the future and offer our personal commitment to maintaining our relationships.

From the time our quality seeds are sown, they are given the best experience and knowledge that has been handed down through three generations to achieve our quality standard of product. John & Silvios’ sons Allan, David and Glenn continue to use their expertise and together with the commitment of their dedicated and experienced staff and their attention to detail help provide the highest quality of vegetables possible.

As a family company we pride ourselves on a quality assurance programme which is constantly changing and developing to meet consumer needs and demands.  Favero Gardens has attained the Woolworths Quality Assurance ( WQA) based on the Codex HACCP principles.

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